Sunday, December 14, 2008

Creating your own reality

I have a great message for you this week. You were born with an amazing and immeasurable power. This power has made you what – and how – you are right now. You may be unconscious of it, but with this power you have created your present reality.

We are here to be creators. We are here to infiltrate space with ideas and mansions of thought. We are here to make something of this life.
- Ramtha.

Our purpose here is to develop our gifts of intentionality. And learn how to be effective creators.
William Tiller, PhD.

Most people are unaware of this power I am talking about. They have unconsciously used the power negatively. Much of what we are seeing in our world right now is the creation of the people on this earth who are focusing on crisis, conflict, doubt, and creating fear and seeing the world fall into a crisis. What we are witnessing is the result of our earth consciousness at work, and it was negative thinking that lead up to this and now, since everyone is focused on the negative situation, it is getting worse. I know most people may have difficulty accepting this, but it is true.

Here in simplistic terms is how this power works. As we discussed in week one, and as all of us previously knew, we are – below the atomic level – pure energy. We are vibrational beings. Modern medicine can now measure this energy with CAT Scans, MRIs, EEGs. EKGs, ECGs.

They now can also measure a thought and emotion – we will show you evidence shortly – and these thoughts are what we project outwards into this matrix or field. Like energy attracts like energy – like vibration attracts like vibration. 

We feel this energy when we walk into a room where someone is in a terrible mood. We can feel their low energy and it does not feel good. Conversely when we walk in and someone is in an amazing mood, we feel that too and the energy is high - it feels good. 

When you feel sad you feel low or heavy. When you feel happy you feel light and alive. You have more energy. These are the different frequencies of your vibration.

In simplest terms if you project negative thoughts out into the field, the field responds by sending back more of what you are vibrating. This includes more negative thoughts, negative situations, negative people, and negative circumstances. Most people do not realize they are doing this. They think they are reacting to what is happening to them from the outside world. What quantum physics is discovering, is that the thoughts originate first and that if we begin to control these thoughts, and what is fed into our brains, a simple shift in mind will change our outside world.

Dr. Masara Emoto wondered if he could make a record of what emotions look like. He discovered that if he projected thoughts into water, then froze the water and took photographs with a microscopic camera, the crystals that were formed were changed by the emotions that were projected into the water. They show dramatic differences. 

Please see the PowerPoint I have put together on this. I was unable to upload the PowerPoint onto the blog, so I have attached it to your email. My apologies for this.

When you are finished just think for a minute, how negative thoughts affected the water, and then contemplate how these thoughts and emotions might impact our bodies because we are upwards of 60% to 90 % water (depending who you talk to.)

Our thoughts are creating our world. Actually, it’s more than just our thoughts but that is where it begins. In fact, what they are discovering is that it is our feelings and emotions that are in fact at work here. The vibration of feelings and emotions are much more powerful than thoughts. (In fact the electro-magnetic energy that is emitted from your heart is 5,000 times stronger than your head). Your thoughts have a direct impact on how you feel and these are reflected through our emotions.

All you have to do to change your world is to begin to change the thoughts you have about your world – your life within it – how you see yourself – how you see everyone else in your life – and you will begin to create the energy that will change what you attract into your world. In essence you will change everything you intend to change, and it will be something you will control.

I am using Gregg Braden again this week – we’ll use others in the coming weeks – to explain exactly how this works. The link will take you to an interview that was used in a movie by Louise L. Hay, author of "You can heal your life." It’s a 6 part interview and I recommend you see all 6 parts.

What you will discover, is that this power that is currently at the subconscious level for most of us, when brought to the conscious level, will deliver unlimited potential for you. With this power you can create anything you want and attract into your life anything you want. Once you understand that you have the power and the techniques to help you change your vibration you will open yourself up to unlimited possibilities.

And the power of intention will change the world for you and for everyone around you. It will be very exciting. We will start to get into the various techniques in the coming weeks.

Have a great week.

Best always,