Saturday, April 9, 2011

What kind of messenger are you?

Did you ever think what kind of messenger you are?

Do you realize that every one of us is a messenger? We all received a story from our parents and after we received that story we began to send it out. We sent it out to everyone in our world.

We in essence have become their messenger and we deliver the same message to our children, to our family, to our friends, our colleagues, our bosses, our bankers, our children’s friends, their parents, strangers we meet in our day, everyone who comes into our lives.

Most importantly this is a story we tell to ourselves.

What kind of message did you receive from your parents? Ask yourself do you deliver truth or do you deliver lies? Think about it, whatever message you received from your parents you deliver to your children, at the subconscious level. Even if you think you are not, you are telling that story until you begin to change it.

No matter what family background we have come from, this message has been tainted. It is not authentic. It is not the truth. The message could have been "you are not good enough, not beautiful enough, not smart enough, not strong enough, not organized enough, not creative enough, not deserving enough and so-on-and-so-on-and-so-on." You convince yourself that you are not going to make it, or that it will be tough because life is so hard. And in the process you create all the situations that confirm the story you are telling. And then it allows you to say, “See, I told you so.” We probably see this better in other people than we do in ourselves.

Think for just a moment. Stop reading and sit back and close your eyes and think about your life. How do you truly see yourself? What are the messages or inner chatter, that self-chatter that continually talks to you in your head? What is it always saying? What is it constantly telling you? Is there self-doubt? Are there fears that you know are not true? Be honest, because when you begin to be honest with yourself, and really become aware of the lies you have been telling yourself, then you can begin to change your ‘story’ and in the process begin to change your life and allow the real authentic self to emerge.

When you look that deeply and honestly into yourself, you may find that fear is one of the largest obstacles in your way. Fear of taking a chance, fear of asking for what you deserve, fear of being honest with someone in your life, fear of allowing the real you to come forth,  fear of…fear of….(you fill in the blank). You will find that your fears have made you reject yourself before anyone else did. When you face your fears, and really sit with the feelings of fear, and go ahead and do what you are afraid of anyway, you will see it is all an illusion. You will see and feel a clarity that was not there before and all the lies that have built up over the years around this part of your story will instantly vanish. You will realize it is the lies that have kept you in your story for all these years and that the ‘real’ you will come forward and begin to change everything around you because now that lie is not part of the story you are telling.  

As don Miguel Ruiz, in the book ‘The Four Agreements” says “always be impeccable with your word.” In other words be impeccable with your story, your truth, with everything that you say. When you can master that then you will take the next step in your growth. Your life will get even better, you will be even happier, your relationships will be better, your children will benefit from it – in fact everyone will benefit from it. Most importantly, you will benefit from it.

Begin to change your story. Consciously become the artist of your life. Begin to paint a better picture, and if you like, please share it with everyone.

Have a great day. And before I leave you – here is an amazing individual with a gift unlike anything I have ever seen. Enjoy and have a great day.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 big is the hole created by your absence?

There are many spiritual lessons in just observing the landscape of nature and her wildlife. You will notice, for example, how obvious a mark a pack of elephants leave in their wake. You KNOW when an elephant has been around. You see its droppings. You stand in its footprints. You reel in the trees and bushes knocked down in its path.

Conversely, baboons leave no trace of their presence. Or at least none perceptible with the five senses. They tread lightly. They are not heavy-handed in their impact on the forest.

So my question to you this month is:

Are you an elephant or a baboon?

In other words, if you were to be plucked out of your life today, whether by alien abduction or otherwise, how big is the hole created by your absence? How much does it take to replace you? What is the legacy you leave behind?

On a simple level, you can apply this to business. Let's say three people are partners and one decides to move to another city. If the business suffers in their absence, it shows how much they added to the company.

And I don't mean who is there to replace you. In the big picture, there's always someone to fill our roles — in work, at home, with friends.

I don't ask this question to depress you or create stress. I use this question on myself, like a barometer. As I grow myself, increase the size of who I am — I take more. I need more. More knowledge, more energy, more accomplishment. I'm not satisfied with what I did before. But to balance that growth, I also need to make sure that I give more. As I expand my potential, I must also expand my value — in the world.

This question should either make you appreciate what you are doing, or make you realize you're not doing enough. It should then inspire you to consider how you can contribute more to the various aspects of your life.

Its not about how much money you make or your bottom line. We need to feel our value, and if we don't feel it is enough, that needs to motivate us to work.

Am I more valuable to this earth this year than last year?

If last year I was ME version 2.0, this year I want to be ME version 3.0. If we are not focusing on giving more, chances are we are taking.

Sometimes we have to ask the tough questions. But in asking them, we arrive at destinations that are sweeter, more fulfilling and more impactful.

Ask away!

Here is someone who is starting to make a huge imprint at a very young age. At 13 she stopped the United Nations for 5 minutes. I hope you watch it and ask yourself can I do more for our world? Can I be better today than I was yesterday? Can I make more of a difference? Will there be a hole created by my absence?

Have a great day. You deserve it.