Sunday, February 15, 2009

Transformation in 21 days.

Lose 20 lbs in 20 days. Create wealth in 30 days. You can have beautiful abs in 7 days. We hear these promises all the time. We have become addicts of the “instant” gratification syndrome. We expect results from everything immediately.

Well, here’s a promise to you to transform yourself in 21 days – all you need is to get a bracelet and follow the instructions in this week’s blog.

In one of the courses I teach, I give all the participants a bracelet (my apologies for not giving you one, but the mechanics and size of this blog makes this impractical.) Attached to each bracelet is a piece of paper that reads as follows:

Positive Vibration Transformation Bracelet

This bracelet has the power to create joy, happiness, and bring everything positive into your life. Psychologists have long known that it takes 21 days of consistency to change any behaviour. If you can create positive energy in every thought, every comment and every action for 21 days you will begin a new behaviour, a new approach, a new way of dealing with life in a more positive way.

Wear this bracelet for 21 days and consistently think and hold positive, non-judgemental thoughts, comments and feelings. If you think or express any negative thought, don’t worry, put the bracelet on the other wrist and start again. Keep this up until you complete 21 days. It will transform your life.


The principles of the discipline behind the bracelet are solid, well accepted psychological truths. We now know that behaviours create neuro-passageways in your brain. Like a road map, a behaviour always follows the same neuro-passageway. Over time, the passageway gets a little stronger every time you exhibit that behaviour.

For example, if your significant other pushes a button, your reaction is immediate, it is the same every time because you have gone down that familiar passageway a thousand times and it gets stronger every time. They have learned, through testing, that in order to form a new passageway, and make it more familiar, you need to exhibit the new behaviour for 21 days and create a new neuro-passageway with enough familiarity that the old one closes off and the new one becomes the pattern.

So if you want to break the habit of negative thinking, or making judgments on the world, or people, or just discover how much of this comes to the surface, get yourself an inexpensive bracelet and try this exercise. Most of my participants tell me that they become shocked at how negative they are – that they were completely unaware of their negative attitudes towards many things and they feel a release; they feel lighter, an increase in energy and a whole lot more happiness and joy, all as a result of this bracelet exercise.

Try it out. Let me know. Pass it on. Discover that the negative energy in you and in the world can be tamed. And the reverse – what is our true selves – is positive, attractive, loving energy that will change – make that transform – you and your world into the loving, prosperous, exciting and stress-free world you deserve.

Have a great day.


Here's a short video - actually a commercial - that inspires. Have a great day.