Sunday, March 22, 2009

What does Bob Doyle have to do with fishing?

It often amazes me how small we think. The universe is constantly presenting us with a smorgasbord of lasting fulfillment, yet we tend to settle for scraps.

There is a story of a man who goes fishing. After he catches the fish, he measures it up against a ruler and if it's bigger than the ruler, he throws it back. By the end of the day he has thrown back quite a few, and a fellow fisherman asks him why. He explains, "The pot I use to cook the fish is only 12 inches wide. I have no use for the bigger fish."

Life wants to give us everything, but, when we're stuck with our small desires, it's like we are throwing it away.

Today, rethink what it is you want out of life. Expand your desires. Imagine that you can do or have anything and allow yourself the courage to go for it.        Yahuda Berg

Bob Doyle's name might sound familiar to you, it might because he was one of the teachers from "The Secret" and he's well known around the personal development community for his expertise in the Law of Attraction.

Here’s a brief video to help you think about a bigger pot to cook your fish in. It's a re-iteration on the principles to expand your thinking and create a life where your attraction to everything is limitless, eternally expanding, positively energetic, contagiously prosperous and gloriously enriching.

Have an amazing day.


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