Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bill Gates used this and look what he created!

I have been reading a book that apparently Bill Gates read while he was sleeping in his office because he couldn’t afford a place to live. It was originally written in 1922, called The Master Key System, by Charles F. Haanel.

It doesn’t matter when “truth” is written; it always rings true. The core principles in the book cover everything we have been talking about. One of the keys, in The Master Key System is the “Law of Attraction.” This is a law that has received a lot of press through the movie “The Secret” that was launched a couple of years ago and was even promoted on Oprah.

Little known to only a few of us, is that the foundation to the message in the movie The Secret came from a woman called Esther Hicks through the Teachings of Abraham. Esther’s work was the foundation of everything in this movie. There were only a limited number of copies released with Esther in it before she was edited out because she would not sign over her intellectual property to Channel Nine in Australia, the producers of the Secret.

I thought it would be worth watching Esther today – she is very inspiring and brings wisdom to us about this very important law. She also takes it to a depth not covered in the movie. I must first explain a few things about Esther and the Teachings of Abraham. This may be the first time many of you have seen/heard of a “channeled non-physical entity.” I hope you can be open to this, but if not, I understand. There have been many recorded channeling’s over the years. Seth was famous in the seventies. Ramtha and Veronica are two others today. There are many more. They all seem to bring the same wisdom.

Here is what is important – the wisdom you will hear. Not that it is channeled. There are five parts that fully explain the Law of Atrraction. Here are the links. I recommend that you see them all.

 If you can't see the five videos here, click the link below and then click "Law of Attraction Video."

Enjoy, remember just how powerful you are, and with a little practice and the right intention, you – and we as a group – will create magnificence, and bring prosperity, happiness, abundance and peace into our world.

All the best to you.


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