Sunday, February 1, 2009

The recipe for success is like baking a cake

While I was going to school many, many years ago, looking for ways of making money to further my education, I found myself, one night, sitting on the edge of my seat in an auditorium, with three hundred people, hanging on every word being delivered by a man up on stage telling us about baking a cake. You could feel the room become energized and it all radiated from this young man of 30 or so; this amazing energy that was his presence as he passionately told us his story.

He showed me the power of being inspired and driven by purpose. He showed me how any disabilities you may have mean nothing when your passion for something shines through. This man was short, fat, with an odd looking face, and ruffled hair and he had a hair-lip (the proper term is cleft lip and palate), so he talked in a very peculiar and that very distinct hair-lip way. All of these “physical deficiencies” seemed to disappear as we listened to him inspire us and told us this story about how the recipe for success is like baking a cake.

You see, he said, you could get all the finest ingredients in the world to bake a cake; the finest flour, the best tasting chocolate, the freshest eggs and creamiest whipping cream and put it all together and then at the last minute put in a cup of sand, and that cup of sand would destroy that cake. No matter how good everything else was, the sand would make the cake inedible. And then he proceed to tell us, it didn’t matter if we put in a cup of sand, a bucket of sand or just a table spoon of sand, the cake would not be ruined any more or any less. The result would be the same.

Then he said, our negative thinking was like that sand. We could put all the positive intentions, the best ideas, the most creative ways of doing things, the best conviction and resources together and if we had any negative thoughts about our success, any feelings of lack, limitation, danger, difficulty, fear or any other troubled feeling, our success would be choked off.

Because it has nothing to do with the amount of negative thinking. It has everything to do with any negative thinking. That is why it is so important to clear yourself of any self-doubts and move forward with feelings of pure positive intention, confidence, a sense of knowing your success and when you are aligned with a sense of purpose and inspired to create something that makes a difference in this world and put behind this the pure empowering energy that flows from this focus, then you will attract limitless possibilities and be guided and receive the tools, the assistance, the resources, the situations, and the people to bring this into your reality.

But it all starts with getting clear. Of eliminating self-sabotaging and limiting beliefs. That is why the exercises that we talked about in earlier sessions are so important. That is why a daily discipline of meditation and visualization are so crucial to a path of growth, prosperity and personal mastery. So many people know this in their minds and then find every excuse to keep from doing it. And then they can continue to tell their story of lack to everyone who will listen, of why they are not succeeding in life and they will create all the dramas and situations that support their story.

Like the Chinese say, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. And then it is just a question of putting one foot in front of the other, and then before you know it, you have walked your first mile, and then your tenth mile and then your fiftieth mile. Life is about the journey. It has nothing to do with the finish line. You never get it done, and you never get it wrong, it’s just about moving forward.

If you haven’t started a daily practice of meditation and visualizing, I strongly recommend you do – just 5 minutes a day – in the same place and at the same time every day. And then you will find 5 minutes will become 10, and then 20, and who knows where you will get to, but I know this, you will find the journey gets easier, and that you will be wanting and looking forward to your next session, when you begin to see the benefits and the progress you will make.

If you want to combine this with some of the emotional clearing techniques we talked about earlier, it will be like super-charging your daily regimen. And as you move forward you will realize that you are a limitless, all powerful, an all knowing soul capable of amazing things – in fact capable of anything you can imagine, and you will feel energized, balanced, joyful, at peace and people will be attracted to the presence you emanate and you will begin to change your life and the lives of people around you.

I wish you all the best. You are a great soul. Have a great day.


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